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After securely logging in as a teacher, you can track student progress in SCORES. Updated instantly - whenever students complete a word in the Student Module from any Internet-enabled computer - this virtual gradebook displays the average scores and # of words completed for each student. Students can use Words And Their Stories in multiple classes and scores report automatically to the appropriate teachers. Progress can be viewed by Class for all words completed to date...

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SCORES - All Words for ENGLISH 101
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 Student   Words Completed   Avg. Score 
 Adelman, Curtis   41 of 1050 92% 
 Black, Lucinda   7 of 1050 98% 
 Brown, Isaac   12 of 1050 85% 
 Cho, Jennifer   4 of 1050 25% 
 Farmer, Ellen   6 of 1050 74% 
 Gonzales, Jose   23 of 1050 91% 
 Johnson, Emily   0 of 1050 0% 
 Lindholm, Mark   0 of 1050 0% 
 Montana, Tony   1 of 1050 40% 
 Sumner, Kelly   1 of 1050 90% 
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